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Artist, surfer, fly-fisherman. Glenn R. Gravett is best described as a seasoned surf industry artist and graphic designer of nearly 20 years who’s work is impressive in it’s depth. A Ventura California resident, Glenn is the Art Director for Streamline Design & Silkscreen, home of Coastal Classics private label surfwear and Old Guys Rule. With a degree in art studio from U.C.S.B and the College of Creative Studies, he has stayed true to his love for the arts and the outdoor lifestyle. Glenn’s work is inspired by his relationship with the ocean and by his surfing and fishing background.


Originally a shaper, he is well versed in surf history and the evolution and roots of surf graphics, apparel and fine art. Growing up tying his own flies and making his own rods as a third generation fly-fisherman, he finds this addiction the perfect compliment for his creative inspiration.

Surf history is one of Glenn’s specialized subject matters in his fine art career and he is currently working on a series titled The Legends of Surfing. Developing relationships with some of surfing’s pioneers has given him an incredible education and allowed him access to some of the sports most well known images and photographs.

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